ParaBlox Vanilla / PvP / Noobs be aware!

Hey folks,

I have a 50 slot PvP server open. People new to the game are welcome to play, just be aware it won’t be easy! In the server list, let the 3k server list populate , then filter it alphabetically and find the server with “ParaBlox” (without the quotation marks).

There are only a few rules so far;

  1. You can grief people, but don’t destroy their entire build. Destroy only to gain access and don’t keep harassing them.
  2. Be nice to people, even though you’ve just blown a hole in the side of their house and taken their fire wood!
  3. If you see someone hacking, report it to me ASAP, and make sure you have picture / video evidence and with a name. Names are important as I can’t ban someone without it duh! :slight_smile:
  4. Survive!!!

If for some unforeseen problem occurs and I have to roll back the server to a previous backup, and you loose all your stuff ---- oh well! I can’t restore a broken backup and I’m not going to give items back to everyone because I don’t have 10 pairs of hands, so deal with it.

The server is open to the public, so I don’t need to add you to a white-list. I’d ideally like to see people work as a team so that it makes it fun for everyone. If you have a spy in your group, then good luck!! :smiley: I do have a TS3 server, but I’ve not got it setup.

I’ve probably missed something out here which I may add in another time, but if you have any questions, please ask here. Also please take a look at the community I play with. Terra Nova Gaming Community or widely known as TNGC is a community of gamers started since… well the dark ages lol. Please read the introduction to the community HERE and register if you feel you want to be apart of it.

Many Thanks,

UnexpectedGreg [TNGC].