Parachute Z Version

Well this is my own version of a parachute Version 4, You can control where you move, and you can shoot while parachuting. Includes models and materials, Also added view punch to deploying the parachute, and repositioned it for better FPS View.

In version 3, you can flare the parachute by holding use, making you decend slower, You can also now press Duck and Walk to abandon your chute midflight, And, when you land you must unhook your chute “Done automatically”

Version 4 changes:

Flaring is faster.
Can flare more than before “To 0.4 rather than 0.45”
Added wind sound effects when falling quickly “Mostly for sky dive effects”

Tested on listen servers and single player, Not dedicated’s but it should work fine.

Pretty much like BC2, Just press jump while falling fast enough and youll deploy it.

Use = Flare
Crouch + Walk = Abandon


Solid Files Mirror:



FAQ For People, The Non Lua People:

Parachute opens when i sprint and jumpz how d05z i f1x?

go into addons/Parachute Z Edition/lua/autorun/server/parachute_server.lua


if ply:GetVelocity():Length() < 750 then return end


if ply:GetVelocity():Length() < 2000 then return end

Or some fucking wacky number you sandbox people use :stuck_out_tongue:


The download doesn’t seem to be working for me, Just access denied.

Solid Files Mirror at op

Cool, thanks!

well everything you’ve been making rocks lol not much more to say but do you take requests?

You seem to like recreating addons that have already been made, that said, this looks pretty nice.

Wizey you never fail to amaze.

I like how the you have made a bunch of things that make gmod so much more real. Blood when shot, legs thinge and this. It rocks XD


Can you make it so you canot shoot and make your arms hold onto those ropes coming down from the top. Or make the terning wide like in gta iv. And if possible a pulling effect when the parashute opens.


Oh oand only problem is that this kinda makes ragmorth not work. When you go into third persone in ragmorth there is a second body there sticking out halth way.

That looks really good.
Will try it out. =]

That’s probably the legs mod, just disable it via the console. The legs mod actually creates a second model of your character that only you can see, to give the illusion of seeing your character’s legs.

Yay a smart one :3:

Yeah I ment to legs mod but dono why I put it into this thread.


I see an update version 2 :smiley:

Parachutes like just cause 2? =D

You forgot to mention its deflated head so it doesnt obstruct player view.

Btw,very good addon by a very good lua programmer.
Youre just amazing at this

My parachute just won’t deploy for some reason… :frowning:

That’s what everyone says in BC2…

you need to be going around terminal velocity

most maps don’t offer that

Ah. Should probably be based on fall height, not velocity.
Also, haven’t tried it out yet, but does your weapon disappear when falling fast enough to deploy your chute? That’s usually how other games indicate it’s ready to deploy.


No, like BC2 :saddowns:


Or was that a request?

actually, the velocity could just be decreased

Well, taking damage from falling isn’t based off of velocity. And that’s what a parachute is designed to do, stop people from killing themselves when they land.