Made as requested here

With this parachute you can descend slowly and spectate yourself as you fall.

  1. Simple pick up the parachute sent that can be spawned from the sent menu.
  2. Jump off of a ledge and press shift to go into skydive mode.
  3. press shift again at any time to open your chute. (might take a second for the player to ready it)
  4. Use the W or S key to apply force where your looking forwards or backwards.
  5. Press shift again to exit.



Known Bugs–
Ropes attach to Counter Strike ragdolls in the wrong place.

Post Suggestions and Bugs please!

Thanks to Navy Seal for this AWESOME video!

Another Awesome video by woOt_5000

Another Great Video from Kev Shiu


Thanks to freakypred for this pic

Credit to RabidToaster for the model which I ripped from his parachute mod
If anybody has a better model, I am all ears

Cool Idea, having a Parachute. Also, I was wondering if you could create a version of this that I could attach to a Prop or Vehicle and activate via a number pad command. It would be really cool in my opinion and I would find it useful in some of the combat RP scenario’s I get into with friends. Other than that, Looks great, and am going to download and give a try.

Looks neat!

Cool, you added the diving control! :smiley:


Nice! I always used to make my own using props, now I don’t need to!

good job

Good Job sir. Have a lua king.

This looks great!

Looks awesome but could use more ropes and attached to the back of the ragdoll
including the hands for more reality

Awesome! But if you made the model, couldn´t you try to make one that doesn´t look so much like one from World War 2? Maybe one of those versions that are shaped more like a bow? And then apply some steering. Not powerful steering, but realistic one. Like the one in Battlefield 2142. Anyway, great job!

This would really benefit from a ragdolled parachute model that would stop being rigid while on the ground and crumple into a heap…

This is a lot better than the old parachute mod.

Download + Lua King :smiley:

wow! how cool is this! i love how it doesnt KILL you but instead you spawn where you land! i may, however have to contact a proffessor at oxford, so he can look through the biggest dictionary in history, and i can find a word to describe this! but he will probably suggest an LUA king!

I agree. Maybe even wire capabilities.


I remember this from gmod 9.

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Looks fine.


Someone has been going through the list of newly added things on and reporting them for no reason, someone needs to do something about it.