I didn’t like the current parachute model we had (The big round one that was from America’s Army or something I think) so I ripped one from Just Cause, give it new UV maps and texture, and compiled it. It’s an effect because the collision model I made for it was impossible to pose with.

If anybody here who knows how to use 3D Ripper DX and would like to get me the parachute from the Just Cause 2 demo that would be nice thank you.

Cool, Dean.

Looks cool.

Nice work, and that pose is awsome…but I dunno what I’d use it for.

that pose is friekin epic to da maxx

This might be useful.

Fixed :smug:

Looks cool man, I’ll have to use this sometime.


That’s pretty damn use-full!

NICE and the pic is awesome

Dude this is awesome! Many thanks to you.

Just Cause 2, anyone? We need the characters to go with it now and we’re all set.



I was thinking more of GTA’s Ballad of Gay Tony with the parachuting brought back.