Paradise: a castaway sailor, pirates, adventure, friendship, romance, and fun

a new weekly comic I plan on doing, about a cast away, pirates, adventure, and romance (not gay).

I’d just like opinions on the idea and the comic above as well

I’ll try to improve as I go on. expect the next strip next week.

Your speech bubbles are terrible. This might turn out pretty good if you put some effort into it.

that’s why it’s weekly, so I can take my time on it, I still need to develop the story a bit.

Fun fact: This was going to be a Scout Sniper Yaoi. But then I realized there’s enough tf2 gay right now so maybe another time.

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It’s actually the narrator guy introducing the comic, but yeah they do look bad. Any tutorial that can teach me how to make a comic in GIMP?

It’s still called a speech bubble dingus

Don’t ask the personal skin thread, they get in big fights whenever someone asks

asks about what?

  1. That’s a bomb-ass map and a bomb-ass canoe, where did you get those?

  2. Facepunch sorely needs a regularly updated narrative comic series, you’ve got my attention. Put solid effort into this and you’ve got a winner.