ParadoX's new HL2RP server.

Hello Facepunch!!
i started a new server with HL2RP installed onto it BUT we are still in need of web developers and administrators aswell as players in common!

Here is our server IP:

if you wanna know more about getting Server admin access and/or being a web developer, PLEASE add my steam account (mimik585)

Server Info:
Well, after playing a lot of serious RP servers i decided to get my own server.
in the first place it was me and a couple of friends talking about how awesome it would be to get our own HL2RP server.
then about a week after, i got the brilliant idea of buying the gamemode and a server that could run it properly, and well, here we are!


This thread has no content, and nothing special. You are probably giving admin to anyone who can kiss your ass in steam. Making your thread special, and different makes people want to join.

Well, i can work on some content, and no, im not giving admin to anyone, admins are only people that know and respect the rules of a server.

Just another HL2RP. No one plays HL2RP anymore.

well, i dont really know about that. i found a couple of HL2RP servers with alot of activity.

How much you bought the gamemode for?


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allright, thanks, i guess.

Dude… You still not answeared my question

I think he used A G…

What is A G ?


Did he buy anything from Kuro by any chance? Why purchase a gamemode when you can make one yourself? or if your friend is good with lua, ask him for help.

Hello Facepunch, sorry for being inactive, Yes i did buy the gamemode, and no, its not bypassed in any way possible.
i bought the gamemode at which is the webstie kurozael is selling all of his gamemodes.
i did pay around 110 euro for the gamemode with a promotion code that gave me around 20% discount.

and to all the people wondering, yes i did buy it for my own money.

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Well, i got a friend who works with lua, but i dont think i want him to mess with my server :smiley:

So instead of trusting a friend and having something fresh that would attract players, you wasted 110 Euro?

i wont say the money is “wasted” because we actually have/had players.

You bought a flashy lua gamemode, that will end up crashing your server when Kuro releases his next script, for 110 Euro, for a game that costs 10 dollars. AND, it extremely hard to customize for un-knowledgeable people in lua (you’ve shown you are not knowledgeable) which means it’s the same as every other server run by a rich kid.

Not wasted at all.