[Paragrafgmod.com] Trouble in Terrorist Town | Latest Update

Join us now for some awesome TTT fun.


We will be playing all night and it would be awesome if some people could join to test out all the maps that we have an even make suggestions for new ones to be put on the server.

Are you a mapper?
If you need a map to test out on a server then just PM me. I will talk to you and we will see about getting your map on the server for a test session.

Forum: www.paragrafgmod.com


  1. No RDM. You must have proof as to why they are a traitor before you kill them.
  2. No hacking. If you are caught hacking in our server then you will be perma-banned on site.
  3. No mic spamming. If you are yelling or screaming into the mic then we will ban you for an hour. Also if you are playing music make sure you get permission from the admins first.
  4. Be mature. Don’t act like an idiot or we will ban you for an hour.

More rules will be added on as we go. Even if you do something not on the rules list and we don’t like it then we will warn you. If you do it again then we will take more serious measure.