Parakeet's Workshop Download Tool

I saw a thread here about a workshop downloader tool, and I figured I’d release mine because it’s better.

If you run a server and want clients to download workshop addons, you normally have to add a bunch of Workshop IDs to a Lua file. This annoyed me, so I made a script that automates just about everything. It scans the server’s addons and adds any with models or sounds to the download list. It also detects maps and adds the addon containing the current map to the list.


  1. Install this script to “lua/autorun/server/wsdl.lua”. You can make a separate addon folder for it if you want.

  2. Run the following console command on the server (It may lag the server!):


That’s it. If you make any significant changes to the addons installed on your server, you should update the manifest by running the command again. Changes to the manifest will take effect on map restart. The manifest is located in “data/wsdl_manifest.txt”, if you want to try editing it. It’s a big ball of JSON though, so have fun.

If theres any kind of demand I can also make a workshop addon for this script itself and add more features.