Parallax Client Script release

Hi Facepunch

I made a public lua script with the help of my friend Dark
its avaliable for download on the gmod workshop

its a very small file so shouldnt take up much space, pure lua no c++, simply sub and you are ready to go.

To open the script make sure you are subscribe and its enabled in the addons page then type
lua_openscript_cl px.lua into console
To open the mod menu after its open do px_menu in the console.

Current features

ESP - See players info through walls, you see their name, usergroup (whether there admin or not) and their health
Wallhack/Xray - See players and props through walls sometimes there are glitches where it goes black but im planning to fix this
Aimbot - Still in beta but once its done will be good.
Bhop - An autojump bhop bunnyhop script you can reach much faster speeds using this.

What servers will this work on?
Can be used on any server that has sv_allowcslua 1 or singleplayer, Most sv_allowcslua 1 servers are darkrp servers
so its funny to shoot people through walls Also its also a genuine tool for admins/staff to see inside players bases making sure there up to
no trouble

Appeals to roleplayers and bhoppers but can be used by anyone as long as you can get sv_allowcslua to 1 on your server.

Here are the commands for it

px_menu = Opens the mod menu itself
px_bhop = Bhop Autojump
px_esp = ESP Names above heads
px_xray = X-ray see Players and Props through walls
px_aim = Aimbot still in beta
px_help = This help message

It will be updated with more features as we go along. If you want to add a feature or have any sort of suggestion feel free to comment and I will see if I can add it or if dark can help.

This isn’t CoD.

You can’t shoot people through walls in GMod, unless it’s a certain weapon pack.

Yeah I don’t like the idea of an admin walking about with an aimbot script, in what way does that stop rulebreakers?

How the hell can you roleplay with an aimbot, ESP, x-ray, or bhop?

This is a cslua script that works on servers that allow it with sv_allowcslua 1 this mod menu can be used in many good ways for roleplay just look at falcos small scripts darks scripts lennys scripts and more they all are thee same idea only wokring on servers that allow them to operate.

If you don’t like scripts or mine scripts, then go away.

sv_allowcslua is easily bypassed.

In what way does this benefit roleplayers?

Are you implying nobody should criticise anything ever?

I don’t advocate the use of cheats but I don’t care about public releases IMO and nor should you


So a cheat being shown off as an RP tool. GL with your server full of bhopping aimbotters.

Ever heard of the phrase “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all”?? There’s no need to be haters…,…,.

He worked hard on this script, and I helped him when he encountered errors/problems. It’s a good script for beginners there’s no need to just hate it cause you don’t use scripts yourself. There are many people who use mods on gmod and it’s not all negative.

Lot’s of effort and hard work was put in here… There’s no need to diss the script just cause u don’t agee with it…
And more features will be added soon so stay tuned. :slight_smile:
Why cant everyone just be nice???

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so what??

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Not a cheat works on servers sv_allowcslua 1, dont want your clients using scripts? disable cslua.

time to use aimbot now on your server

You’re not real Dark.

You’re not me. Yea go hack on my server it’s allowed sv_allowcslua is 1 on both propkill and darkrp so its up to you mate and I didn’t make the aimbot I just helped with the errors and other stuff on the script making sure its all working correctly.

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hes ronnie pickering

some improvements:
On line 3-18, you are calling an print, but you’ve added an concommand with the exact same text right below it.
Maybe put the print into an function, attach it to the concommand and run the function once, while the code loads?

[lua] local function pseudoPrint()
print [[ TEST ]]

concommand.Add(“help”, pseudoPrint)

[…] [/lua]

You’ve got function ESP twice and you are hooking it twice

You are storing LocalPlayer() in an local var, but you are using it only once, despite calling LocalPlayer() all the time.

Last but not least: You know you can call SetVisible on DButtons? So you can set the Button on the same cords and trigger SetVisible on them, for an swapping effect.

px_xray doesnt exist, the convar is called xray
px_aimbot doesnt exist, the convar is called aim

Woops, I did mistaked, thanks for telling.

I want to laugh at this, because if it wasn’t expected of you to be so stupid it would be funny… This is just sad at this point.

I wonder if you can draw the whole body of the person instead of just drawing there name and health through walls.

Look, I understand that you defend this set of scripts. Hell, I would defend it, even if only because this kind of script is really good to start learning Lua with. Nevertheless, you’re destroying any arguments you have by your blatant display of stupidity. Unnecessarily long strings of full stops, spelling mistakes that show you didn’t bother taking a second look at what you wrote, and that god awful excuse of an argument you start your post with.

You have a bad reputation on these forums for a reason, and that reason is not just the big server men thread. Your reputation stems from the fact that you never act like a sane adult.

I partially agree with the core of your sentiment, in the sense that a script should not be bashed purely because of who helped him make it. That said, criticism about its functionalities, the way it presents them (the menus) and the way the script is advertised on a forum can easily be valid. Stev_ and Jelman raise valid concerns. You’re never going to be taken seriously if you don’t address valid criticism properly.

Maybe it’s because Im not an adult I’m not over 18. I had to go quickly after that so I didn’t have time to overlook the spelling errors, even though for a forum that says people are supposed to act “casual” to squabble over petty things like spelling is pretty hypocritical, none the less if it is more appropriate and you want me to type Formally again I shall continue to do so.

I am in fact sane, My friend asked me to help him with a script he was working on. I simply fixed the errors that were presented in the script but I can see that still some work has to be done. I have to worry about my own script remember, and with nearly 2k subscribers and the most asked feature from fans being an autoaim/aimbot feature to be added I have been working hard on that so have not always had time to work on my friends script.

After I perfect my aimbot that I will use in my own script package perhaps I can start to work on this aimbot here since there are still some issues with it.

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You can it’s known as a wallhack. The ESP is supposed to just display names and info but then when you are in a raid or similar situation you would turn on the wallhack to see where the players are behind the walls more easily. (Evening the odds with those guys that have 1 way visible doors/impossible to raid bases).

Doesn’t mean you can’t act mature. People generally respect you more for it.

I don’t think I’m getting through to you. Of all the points I made, you attacked the weakest one (spelling) and ignored the rest. I’m saying that you’re acting so immature that it bothers people. Your latest post too: the whole second paragraph is about how great and unfortunate you think you are. You face criticism on your behaviour with self prise and pity.

Please do me a favour, bookmark/save this thread and open it in about five years or so. Read back on what you said. If I can’t get through to you, then only time can. That or someone who’s way better at this than I am.

Why do you release dumb stuff like this?