It seems whenever I reload certain guns, at the very end of the reload it sounds like a silenced shot and I freak out for a good minute, anyone else get paranoid like me or am I just a dumbass? Ha

The latter.

I tend to freak myself out from my own foot-steps, sometimes. lol. Your not alone my friend.

All…the…friggen…time! I will be mining, hear a footstep, turn around with my gun just to realize I accidentally sidestepped.

It all just adds to the intensity that is rust

Firing arrows, along with the previously mentioned stuff. Sometimes firing arrows sounds like a silence shot at the end, it sounds like a sharp woosh by your right side, like someone just missed a shot.

I’ve taken to crouch-walking so I don’t startle myself from the footstep noises. Even on PvE servers, because you can never be too sure.

I’ve noticed that while harvesting wood there’s a sound in there that seems like footsteps, damned auditory pareidolia freaking me out all the time.

Yeah, there’s something strange in the sound…

My footsteps sometimes sound like they come from far away, and the same while harvesting, specially when moving to sides while harvesting, you can clearly hear that :downs:.

Well, every time my friends shoot an arrow, I move sideways, because it sound that the arrow has been shot at me by a enemy, even if I’m behind or on his side.
Keep Cool**

If you notice, there is a delay with all sounds in game.
Try walking and stopping. For a quick second you will continue to hear a shuffling sound. Even zombies and animals do the same. Kinda makes you look around after killing a zombie because you think there is another…lol