[sp]He’s watching you.[/sp]

it’s ok, but next time just remove the hud?

Depth hud won’t work anymore, and I can’t get rid of the shitty HL2 hud.

Use cl_drawhud 0

While i’m at it I might aswell post the rest

Remove weapons: r_drawviewmodel 0

Remove death notices: hud_deathnoticetime 0

Yes you can, “cl_drawhud 0”


Damn you falco1

Herpeh Derp derp

Eh. was okay. No point to it, though. Drive cars, car breaks down, drives boat down stream, boom.

Also, download Catmull-Rom cameras. The cinematography was horribly bland in the movie. Only static cam.

I had color mod on. Without color mod, it looks terrible.

(The cameras remove color mod.)

Why does it look horrible? It looks fine when I record videos on my computer…

Or you can just learn demo smoother which when learnt makes everything about 50% easier