This movie was inspired by TetaBonita’s Absolutely Perfectly Harmless Companion Cube

I’ll try to get a better quality version up on Stage6, if anyone wants me to.

I just finished watching it, and I have to say it was pretty good! You get a funny. Please upload high resolution.

Wow, that was very cool. The visuals and the music worked great, I felt like I was watching a classic twilight zone. Nice job!

I’m trying to but Stage6 is not working properly and it wont accept .avi files at the moment. I tried converting it to .divx but it looked almost as shitty as the Google video version :sigh:

p.s. Thanks for the comments :smiley:

scary, but that’s how it feels

But im used to spawn some melon hounds to :keke:

Anyways, great job artistic for you :smiley:

hmm boring becose jer it happen the same all the time but graet job.
a litle bit scary white the music.

That was awsome.

I noticed it got a little boring for some people but oh well.

The only problem is that it was a bit longer than it should be, but it doesn’t matter.


At seven minutes it’s a bit long but still really freaky. Artistic for you.

It’s a tad long, but it did make me laugh. I loved when the cube was in the room with him in the apartment. Great stuff!

I now understand why I couldn’t get the Stage6 video up. Apparently Stage6 is being taken down. You better hurry, you can still download stuff until Thursday, Feb 28


Can you make more paranormal events happening rather than the cube just following him around?

Maybe while passing through a hall and looking through a window it is raining cubes outside and when the player exits they are all gone.

Or possibly when entering a room the lights flicker and dozens of cubes on the walls appear and disappear.

Just dashing around the map with the cube reappearing everywhere was really boring. Needs more work in my opinion.

I was basically just trying to show off the Absolutely Perfectly Harmless Companion Cube. I didn’t really put too much effort into it but that may be a good idea for a sequel :v:

Horrifying, running from the companion cube is scary, especially on those empty role play maps when your looking for players. No one is there to save you.

How did you do that? Did you record then back to where you were then record again and paste it all together? Please explain.

The link in the first thread. It’s a SENT. Click and do some research.

Absolutely Perfectly Harmless Companion Cube

That thing could’ve murdered 1,000,000 people by now. :geno:

Dare I ask: What is that map called that you filmed in, and is it normally that dark or was that just editing?