Paranormal Contest Results

The judging is finally over! The 3 judges selected from the FacePunch community were: Jamie932, thomasfn, and myself.

First off, I wanna give my thanks to all the entrants and judges who helped make this contest possible. You guys made this possible.

As you may know by now there were 4 entries, each completely different from each other, and here’s what we had to say about each one:

(I have to apologize for my review being so brief. I’ve been busy.)

So to sum things up, here is what it looks like for the first place winner:

So there you have it. Our winning game is Penumbra by Disseminate!

It was fun judging these games! They all have a lot of potential. Thanks for reading!

Congratulations Disseminate.

I knew it’d be a close call between UFO and Penumbra, but at the end Penumbra still won! Gratz!


RTS next please :smiley:

RTS games in Source are :ohdear: HL2 Wars showed how not modifying the default damage and health values fucks up a RTS. But this would make a interesting theme.

I’m not sure why Kwigg removed the health bar…I think he said it bugged out or something. Considering I am positive I coded it correctly, I don’t see how that could happen.

Congratulations Disseminate :smiley: . I haven’t had an opportunity to see the other gamemodes in the contest in multiplayer, I hope there’ll be some opportunity in the future to play them with others.

In response to constructive criticism about UFOAF: thank you for the feedback.

I chose UFOs for the Paranormal theme as it caught my eye when mentioned in the ‘Paranormal’ wikipedia article ( ), so I thought it would be suitable for the theme.

As for gameplay: I didn’t make the link between dropping cars to destroy APCs, but that’s clearly intuitive and sounds pretty cool, so I’ll look into adding that. Doing that is more complicated than you’d expect though because, as I vaguely mentioned in my gamemode thread, beamable objects and APCs are not real entities - to make the network load bearable, I had to code a system to make clients create and simulate the ‘pseudoentities’ themselves (with some server input when citizens turn), until they were beamed. This generally limited the complexity I could apply to the cars, APCs and citizens. However, it does make it theoretically stable with many players, unlike an NPC or prop-heavy gamemode.

The limited variety of beamable objects is due to both lack of content (you might notice UFOAF uses no custom content except its map), and time constraints - more vehicle types were planned, and some sort of dynamic points scoring system (where the value of capturing vehicles increased over time, but decreased whenever the vehicle type was captured - encouraging diversity) would have made it in if I’d had another week and a bit more sanity. Again, funny sound effects are limited to citizens because I didn’t have time to find suitable HL2 sounds for cars and suchlike. Flinging cars at other UFOs was considered, but I couldn’t find a satisfactory, intuitive and simple control implementation for it.

Specific capture counters are easily doable and will probably make the next version if there is one. HUD was quite rushed, hence the functional approach.

Thanks again for the feedback. If I find the time I will make an improved version based on this input and submit it to the GMod Beta SVN Fretta gamemodes, to join my Lock 'n Load shooter mode. And, of course, I’m still open to ideas, or even help (especially on the mapping side?).

Congrats Disseminate!

Also, hasn’t the RTS theme already been done? Or am I thinking of something else?


Nope, RTS theme has been done. Here are the results:

Congrats Disseminate!
I’ll have to hit up a server next time I go pub’ing.

It’s kind of hilarious that judging took three times as long as coding :P. My only regret is that the gamemodes were only played with 3-4 players, apparently - I used a concept intended for a dozen or so players. I think everyone could agree that we should have a set testing date in addition to a due date next time - this will surely draw in more play testers. After all, contests usually imply some big gathering and/or date. Hopefully, one of the many lobby gamemodes in progress will be finished before the next gamemode contest ends.

Naval next! Naval next!

Oh my God, I totally forgot… prizes…

Uh, I’ll have to get him a game since nobody donated this time around.

Whoa. I thought for sure Devenger’s would win - odd.

Thanks for the support everyone. Also, no prize necessary.


Yours was good. It wasnt as repetative as the UFO one in my opinion, which was the decider between yours and Devengers.