Parasite Queen (Metroid Prime)

i need a model of the Parasite queen
just for a reference

all the pics i find are like… well the one above

if anyone could find it or rip it for me
i’ll love you forever

supposedly someone ripped it awhile ago, but when i downloaded the pack it wasn’t in there =/

er… bump

i hate bumping…


maybe someone could point me in the direction of how to rip it myself?

Use a compass. (not really) The best way I can think of is to get Metroid Prime, (or Super Smash bros Brawl) rip it yourself via Dolphin, bone it, rig it, and prep it for the game.

got dolphin and the game, but HOW do i rip it? O.o;

also i dont need it boned or rigged
imma use it as a ref for a sprite xD

Google “3d Ripper DX” and work through that. Find the Parasite queen ingame and capture the model with it.

got the ripper, but every time i try to launch it gives me an error

“unable to create process”

must… resist… facepalm pic…

Just google the errors.

… this thread is the #2 result




repeated crashing, dunno if i can make this work…

finally got it… but it doesnt have the textures…
I’d love to see it rigged.

thats the one that doesnt actually have it in the pack =/

Besides the Parasite queen someone should do Hunter Ghor.

thats not even the same game! xD

But its still metroid. LOL

pretty irrelevant to this topic though

I know, sorry…

s’ok, just dont do it again o3o

so anyone know why the textures arent keeping with the model when i import it?


when this is done, I WANT IT.