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The gamemode :

The maps :

para_cerberus :

While you have to satisfy your daily needs such as eating or sleeping , you’ll need to guess who of the other player is the alien before he turns you into one.

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Since its the first beta maybe the gameplay is’nt really balanced , but this is what betas stand for.


  • The following is a bit outdated with the new versions and all -

You start at a random position in a spaceship. One of the player is an alien with an human form , so you can’t see he is an alien host. The alien can turn into his alien form at any time. When he is in alien form , you can’t see his name aswell , so the only way to be sure that a player is alien is to see him transforming .

Note : The alien is chosen 1 minute after the game as started , after this , all player that join are alien spawn (can’t use human form).

The point of this game is trying deduce wich players are aliens. And kill them , before they kill you.

At the beginning , you don’t have any weapons. Weapons can be picked up but their weigh prevent you from carrying too much.
Use your “CROUCH” key to pick up items
Use your “SPRINT” key to throw items
Use ironsight (right mouse button ) for a much better accuracy

Players have 4 different type of needs : Eating , going to toilet , sleeping , and washing themselves.

Several time in a game they are given randomly one of the 4 different needs. They need to sastify it by going to a specific place. They have a randomly set countdown to acomplish it. If they don’t before it’s over , they die (and become spawn).
Enter the specific area in the given time or you will slowly die

Players can kill each other , when a player is’nt killed by an alien , he respawn as a minor alien spawn wich is unable to turn into human form but has infinite respawn. If he is killed by a “true alien” (able to turn into human form) he become a “true alien”.
If an alien kills human under it’s human form he will die

Aliens can see if other players are aliens or not.

Humans win if all “true aliens” have been killed. They lose if they all die.

Ingame screen :

SCREENS FOR HELPING (Theses screens are very old) :
Yeah it’s hard to read :
Status and hp
Need timer : You die when it comes to zero
Need indicator : Tell you where you need to go
Weigh indicator (you can’t carry all the wepon you want)
Ammunitions are infinite

Could be very cool but having the alien only be known when he is in alien form is dumb all he can do is stay regular act all cool and attack you when you walk by. In future releases try making some sort of way for humans to know who is the alien some other way then when he transforms.

That’s the fun of it… game modes like this have been attempted in other games and totally rock hard. I LOVE this idea, and I hope (haven’t got to try it yet) it kicks as much ass as it looks like it does on paper.

The fun of it is to have an alien that acts normal… talks to the players, tries to get them to turn on others, takes care of “needs” he doesn’t have, then brutally back stabs someone when he finally gets him alone.

I couldn’t get this information from the screenies- but friendly fire is on correct? That way people can falsely accuse aliens and kill another human on accident. Of course, if this is the case, there needs to be a substantial punishment for killing a human so that people are scared to shoot the wrong person.

Nice idea.

Some things i’d like to comment on:

-Some of the “needs” are totally strange. If i don’t have a shower i’ll end up dying? I can appreciate that these “needs” will keep players from camping and waiting for the alien to creep up, but some are just ridiculous.

-Is there any way for humans to tell if some other person is an alien? If not, it’d be sort of unfair. You’d basically sit around until some other [non]human comes up to you and destroys you.

In reply to all : Yes the needs are stupids but they are of different kind and force you to travel in the map. There are plenty of way to know if a player is an alien or if he is human. in fact , I keep discovering new ones playing.
For example the way the people looks at you is a good indicator , really. Because the alien needs to be prepared (distance , angle) if he wants to attack you.

OK I dediced to write my own review of the gamemode (version 0.03 , now the current version is 0.1) :

Parasite is the only gamemode I ever played to inlude succesfully elements of role-play into a game in wich the aim is to kill the others.

There are differents way to win : Skill at combat or skill at role-playing.
If you are alien but your skill at dogdeing the bullets (you can die in one hit of any weapon in the head if you are unlucky , because a part of the damages are randomized) and hitting this damn strafing human is reduced , you can win by elaborating strategies wich have basically the same purpose:
Reduce the mistrust of the human enough to get close to him and then turn into alien to kill him before he had time to realise what happened.
You can use diversion such as minor spawn attack (minor spawn have infinite respawn) , or just sounds. Because every alien emits a lot of sounds.
You can also prevent the player from accomplishing his needs , by disturbing him long enough for him to die.

For example , when you turn off the lights , you better turn into your human form so that they don’t hear you coming.
The alien has a better vision in the darkness than the human , but for the moment since when the lights are off and there is abslolutely no source of light , he’s as blind as humans. But his flashlight is much more effective.
Yeah an alien holding a flashlight. It sounds dumb , but it’s a great element of gameplay :
If the alien wants to be stealth , he need to worth it.He needs to turn the lights off , he needs to turn into his slow , human form , and at least to turn his flashlight off. And then , he’s almost’s awesome to see the effects of a surprise attack of this kind on the humans. And then you turn back into human form , they don’t hear and see you anymore , and they start screaming in their microphone “where the hell is he”. Don’t make the comparison with hidden source. Because Parasite is not mod where an “alien” with super capabilities jump and run on the map. Ok he does a bit but he’s not alone, he has friends : The ones he has turned into alien spawn by killing them.

Combats demands a lot of skills (or luck) , they can last forever if both alien and human players don’t make mistakes. So , when you have just been turned into alien , the sentence “o-m-g I was attacked by the alien but I managed to escape” is’nt pointless , because sometimes the alien , seeing he does not manages to kill you , can retreat. He can because most of the weapons are very inacurate (especially if you don’t use ironsight). But his attack is also inacurate (but kills in one hit). Since the alien also regenerate his hp up to 30% , combats could really never end. But it’s also possible to win 3vs1 fights in both sides.

In this Gmod , aliens run faster than human even minor spawns. But there is a weigh system so humans who don’t carry anything can run as fast as minor spawn.

I have’nt talked much about how to survive as human :
You need to be attentive to everything you see or hear , because lot’s of things are clue to guess who is alien and who is’nt. For example , humans players have needs : going to toilet sleeping , eating etc. Aliens don’t.
So if you see a player entering for example the shower and saying “yeah” , you can be sure he is the alien. But even if you form a team with players who have proven that they are human , you won’t be able to stick together long because of the differents needs. The needs will scatter you on the map , and it’s possible that the next time you’ll see your firend , they won’t be the same.

Also , if you hear an alien breathing and screaming , and then it stops , and then a player appears saying “what’s wrong man , you look as if you have seen an alien” , don’t take the risk , kill him.

So even if my review could’nt be totally objective , I think this gamemode has an unique potential in term of gameplay , even if combats are frustrating for new players.

A review of your own gamemode? Wow, that’s interesting.

Anyway, my opinion on this:

  1. It’s a good idea.

  2. I like the idea of not knowing an alien until he/she/it:D transforms, but it seems a little unfair. See suggestions below.

  3. For humans, I do think “have a shower or die” is stupid. Try more things like “the water you drank was poisonous, get treatment”. Unique things.

  4. If you actually WANT them to have stupid needs, try stuff like “your teammate hates you, seek therapy”. Make it obvious it’s a joke.

  5. For the alien, the idea of how they look at you is interesting. Problem is, he goes behind you, transforms, whoops, you’re dead. Not good. Make it so that there is something more than just looks.

  6. For example, make the alien have needs. However, they should be different from human needs. Things that the humans would never need/want to do. An example, maybe, would be that they need a special “sludge” or toxin to survive. There will be pools of toxins around the place, that hurt people but keep the alien alive. Try things like that.

  7. Not sure what you look like when you’re an alien, but if it’s just a burnt human… no. Try using antlions. I think that would be really cool.

  8. How do they transform? Is it just a fog around them, an actual model-to-model morph, a haze, an explosion, lights, fireworks, WHAT?!?!?!?

  9. Make your description suspenseful. Eg. try this:

That’s more suspenseful, right?

Well, hope you find these suggestions useful. If you use that bit I wrote, please credit me. It’s mainly just inspiration, though. Can’t wait to see how this turns out,


Please don’t give suggestion about the gameplay if you have’nt tested it.Giving solutions to problems wich don’t exist is’nt relevant. I said they was a lot of way to discover who the alien is.
Players don’t care ingame about how stupids the needs are. Because theses needs are easy to identify : You need to eat you go at the table , you need a shower you know what’s the area you need to enter looks like : A shower.

Sounds quite interesting. Will try it out soon.

Very nice i had two suggestions

1:Make the alien have a need the longer he/she goes without eating humans he/she gets weaker
2: Make the alien make a sound when he/she tranforms to make it more fair for humans :slight_smile:

Good gamemode though

The Alien does make a sound when he transforms, a really loud one at that. Like icky said, try playing the game before giving suggestions.

Sounds fun :slight_smile:

The shower need makes sense to me because you can get a disease or infection from lack of washing, which can lead to a much more severe problem.
It’s a fun game, and if you gave it a few more RP elements and expanded on the map, you could get a very deep gamemode going, where everyone goes about their lives until there is an attack, it makes people afraid, and makes them want to be much safer. Also (and it may be in there, but I haven’t explored the map very well,) you should add vents that lead to different sections of the ship, some on the ground, some on the wall, and some in the ceiling, then aliens can pull out a sneak attack, or humans can use it to get around undetected if there is a large amount of aliens.

This sounds so fucking awesome. I love stuff like this. It’s like horror movie, and you’re one of the actors.

Are there any servers running this? I’d like to play it.

Ok, I’ve tested it, it isn’t as fun as I would expect.

Basically, the alien kept making really annoying sounds. VERY annoying sounds. Also, the spawn point for aliens could be camped. Aliens had to get close to attack, but that was near impossible. The weight system’s ok. I would still like some type of fog, flashes of light, when the alien transforms. Also, I think an antlion model will be MUCH better for the aliens than the stupid zombies.

By the way IckyLevel, numbers 3,4,5,6,7, and 9 are still valid points I made. Don’t discard it as such. I gave suggestions that were ideas, not solid comments like “this is wrong” or “that looks cool”. I gave you comments that would apply whether or not I’d played it. Now that I have, those comments STILL apply. Try listening to your viewers, you asked us your opinion.

Also, the map’s a lot like a maze… With only 6 players, you can get lost easily.

EDIT: Oh, almost forgot, when you’re just starting up a server (only, say, 2 people on), it looses all of the qualities it should have. You obviously know the other’s an alien or you are. Simple. Try adding a sort of “deathmatch” until 3 people are on.

I can’t join the server because it doesn’t let me download the map. It says it’s downloading, but the bar doesn’t move. I even let it sit there for 10 minutes, still nothing.

I can’t even manually download it because I can’t find it on or anything.

Ok but i can’t find map i have searched here and could we get a link to it please

Agree please put a link on first post

The map is included with the gamemode , just DL it (do you really think that some lua file and tiny pic weigh 3 MO zipped ).

Anyway I’m going to add auto dl in the script , but the map is quite big. It looks the v2 is bugged (a vis roblem , it sometimes “disapear”).

And for the deathmatch mode , when there is only two players , I think it’s already like one.

For spawncamping : Why would you camp the alien spawn when you have needs ? Anyway the spawns are just here to distract the player while the alien host (the only one he needs to kill) , progress.
Conclusion : If you camp alien spawn you take an useless risk .

Sure the fun of this game depends of the players …

EDIT : version 0.15
-some bug fixes
-doubled spawn regeneration rate.
-new version of the map : para_spaceshipV2b

Eh, its on war craft 3.

Nice work on the HUD, the map looks a bit blocky though.

Good luck on future versions.

I loved playing the WC3 make of this, and now we have a source engine version of it.