Chickens can’t fly, so why is he posing like them?


Why are they jumping out of a Spectre Gunship? :v:

Cannon man?

Gory, gory what a hell-of-a way to die!

3rd alt?

He realized he took his chute full of pots, pans and silverware instead.

Wow, smart idea to go in without a weapon or parachute.

Actually the weapons are on a leg bag or something like that, and when someone makes a good parachute model y’tell me, ok?

Those leg bags that totally sucked and didn’t work?
“…the vast majority of men who jumped with leg bags in Normandy had them torn-off by the opening shock of their deploying parachutes. The bags and contents sailed off into pitch black Norman air space never to be seen by the original owners again.”

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I think I’m right.

Well then it makes sense there’s no weapon or legbag, it got blown off.

parachute aint deployed

Thanks to everyone for the comments!

kyno weren’t you a shitty poser and a moron troll who refused to improve?

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or was that someone else

The second.

that was someone else

kyno was a personal skinner i think for a while, he was good.

oh ok
my bad bro

Actually i don’t skin, i suck at that :saddowns:

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Ya welcome!