Paratrooper in Normandy

Erh, I was bored, so I wanna try something with photoshop.

With rain : (yeah, I know, it’s terrible.)

By night :

Original :

Feel free to edit those terrible screenshots if you want. And you can kill me with fire.

Don’t use the dutch guy’s rain tutorial, it isn’t good, but the night and day version look great.

I was hoping for a shot of him arriving in a parachute (would be awesome).

don’t we have enough fucking WW2 poses already?

I’m working on that, Wolf =)

Seriously, i bet you could count all the poses done within this day and you’d find atleast thirty god damn poses involving WW2.

You can bet if you want, but I post one pose every month, so …

well 30 ww2 poses,about as much tf2 poses,about as much l4d poses and pretty much as much generic guy aiming at something offscreen poses

a regular day at FP

God… All this generic cliche shit is starting to irritate me. When will people stop going after the routine and mundane? WE GET IT, YOUR NOT CREATIVE.

well go ahead,create something original and stop whining

Eh, calm down guy ! If you don’t like WW2 poses, why did you posted in my thread ? Just ignore thoses threads.

moar like starting an arguement you can’t fight back against because you know it’s true, amirite?

i personally like your pose,it’s just that other guy that freaked out!
like previously said,the rain version is way bad but the day and night ones are good.

Stop complain Bud, and try to do someting different.


Skull, I was talking to Bud, don’t worry =)

And thanks =)

The night one is good.

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Well as I saw your last post, I can’t really say you are in the position to judge. This is far better.
Just stay out of threads with pics you don’t like. Easy as that and leave the constructive criticism to people who have some to give.

Night picture was rather good by the way.

The original is probably the best, imo.

The “rain” edit obviously didn’t work out. Turned out horrible to be honest.

The Night one is not bad but I still prefer the original.

What map is that?

i believe it’s a scene build