Parent-wire issue

Ok, so I wasted my weekend on my computer via spending 7 hours (very complex/alot of tweaing) on completing the last edition of my hydro engine… I built it on a great server so I didn’t notice the visible wires were generating alot of lag [so I was told]. The issue is that I parented the hydros and as always for me hydros don’t work after parenting. Any magical tricks?

Don’t parent wire entities put them on a separate plate.

about that, they go flying on this engine if i don’t…

If you don’t ill open a can of robotic ragdoll

  1. Grab the tool for spawning gates.
  2. Aim at your hydros.
  3. Press R.
  4. Now weld the hydros somewhere else.
  5. Dance all night. :razz:

Since your engine is so uselessly overpowered, to the point that the power overloads anything practical you put it on, shouldn’t it be a Binford 6100?

I wish the all powerful r button crushed the chains of parenting, alas it does not… Besides, my goal is to have the most powerful non e2/motor forced engine possible, duh its overpowered.

If you cannot wire-unparent with the wire unparenter, you parented wrong. Always parent to a wire chip.

Wiring 101, chips do not go directly onto a contraption. Wire your chips, hydro entities, and etc. onto a 1x1 plate. That way you don’t kill ur contraption by parenting the chips. That kind of stuff is old news.

Wire gates have an option to automatically parent when you place them, and it does not affect them in any way whatsoever, other than minimizing lag.

Thanks for posting, that’ll help me millions over later on… Also I found that I had the engine before parenting sitting magically on tweaks server which I thought I had deleted although the server crashed in the midst of that. I also put a box around it and I guess that helped too to lower lag as I’m not raising ping on servers more than 5-10 as to 100 now. Issue fixed!

wow, that’s cool. I suck because my gmod/wire hasn’t been updated in forever.