Parented props questions

Hello. I am currently building a large ship for garrys mod SB3 gamemode and now that the shell is complete i was wondering how i am going to join it together… if i multiweld it will fall apart… if i smartweld it will kill servers constraints… i tend to use Multi Parent on my smaller ships but i do not feel it will be suitable for this as i am wanting it to collide with world / other peoples ships so multi parent will not be pheasable inless there is a way to make it collide (I am aware that if u parent it to a wire chip it will collide with players but that is NOT what im needing). I have seen a server where parents collide with world and other props so i know there is a way that it can be done (Fix will work if it is server wide aswell)

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There was a parenting tool on these forums that kept the props’ collision and physics…where is that thing?

EDIT: I can’t find it, but if someone can find the facepunch topic, that would help.

Yea i looked through the forums for smth like that… i can say it wasnt a thourough search but i did try… ill look around again in a minute

NVM found what i needed

for anyone else that had same problem as me… just required a little more forum trolling :slight_smile: