parenting block bullet

I have made a hanger in a map and have two giant func_rotating_doors, as everyone knows you can move them with phys guns… But if Blockbullet brush blocks it but I cant work out how to make the blockcullet brush move with the door? Anyone got any ideas?


There’s a Gmod value that stops things from being moved by the physgun.

This sort of thing can be found in the mappers encyclopaedia, your one stop shop for all these quick questions.

Will a parented func_brush not work if it’s texture with blockbullet?

The Mappers’ Encyclopedia / Section Rules / Question Megathread
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Semi-Ninja’d but I was really just trying to back IronPhoenix’s post.

Why bother having it move with the door, unless I’m wrong, the only thing it blocks is bullets so you should have no problem just putting the brush in front of the door.

Alternatively, if you really want to do it the way you wanted it, you can parent them by naming the bulletblock brush and then parenting it to the door by going into it’s setting and selecting the name you have chosen for the brush.


That, or you could just tell the server to turn physgun_limited to 1.

Thanks for your replies, I used the keyvalue of “gmod_allowphysgun” “0”.

Isn’t there a flag that stops doors from being physgunned, or am I just making it up.

Its a keyvalue.
“gmod_allowphysgun” “0”