Parenting causes 180 flip of player angles

When I parent a player to my SEnt I’m making (it’s a “vehicle”), if he’s looking forward his world model is actually looking behind him. I really dislike the idea of changing the angles on Think, and if I change them once, either before or after parenting, it reverts back.

Can someone show me the right way to fix this?

Could you turn the sent and his view around?

The whole process is quite difficult. You have to parent the player to another entity, set that entity’s angles, and parent that entity to the vehicle. It works correctly once you get it right.

What if you turned the vehicle around, parented the player to it, then turned it back around?


Couldn’t SetLocalPos/Angles sort this problem?

No, unfortunately it doesn’t.

This appears to have worked just fine with some dummy combine balls. Thanks for the suggestions.




you mean you making a sort of vehicle? And when you want it to look one way it’s looking another way?

try ent:SetAngles(ang + Angle(0,180,0))

It kept reverting, and I didn’t want to be calling that every frame. Gbps’ suggestion works just fine.

Thanks though.