Parenting env_explosion to func_physbox created by point_template

I have no idea how to make it work properly, I just made env_explosion what’s parented to crate01, explosion is named exp01, crate01 is func_physbox with have to NOT explode instantly but after 5 seconds so the point is that when you hit a crate it will move like 120+ inches and then explode so you can throw it at opponent, but the problem is that crate won’t ‘wait’ before exploding so I had to parent env_explosion to it and set outputs like:
OnTakeDamage > crate01 > break (Delay in seconds: 5.00)
OnTakeDamage > exp01 > explode (Delay in seconds: 5.00)

ALSO I wanted to make that crates spawn randomly after breaking and on new round so I placed logic_case and like 10x point_template and 10x func_physbox with different names (crateXX) and env_explosion with names (expXX) and now the problem is that when crate spawns and I hit it, it just breaks without exploding where crate is but where its template is.

I have no idea how to do so Crate will explode without env_explosion or at least how to make that explosion parents not to template but to already spawned crate.

I am sure it’s hard to understand what I mean but I am sure some of you know what’s this all about.

Thanks in advance !

Make a separate template for the explosion. That should work nicely.

If you want to point to entities that have undergone a name-fix-up due to spawning in run-time, use <entityname*>. The asterisk makes sure you point to all entities that share the same part of that name.

Not a 100% sure this will fix your problem.