Parenting moveable physboxes to a ragdoll's hands?

So for my map i wan’t to have a ragdoll have physboxes on his hands, and when those physboxes touch a trigger, it triggers an event (Think of a finger/hand scanner).

I’ve got my physboxes parented to his hands (Using SetParent and SetParentAttachment), but the problem is i can no longer pick them up. By themselves, pressing use on them can pick them up, but as soon as it’s on the ragdoll i can’t anymore.

I’ve tried SetMass on both the ragdoll and the blocks, but they don’t work. Even the gravity gun can’t pick them up. What gives?

unfortunatley, ragdolls are not pickupable.

I want the physboxes to be, hopefully taking the ragdoll with it.

Not really possible.
because the physboxes are parented to the ragdoll, it gets the same qualities

No I think it is possible, use a constraint to keep the physbox to the ragdoll, I’ve never tried it before so I can’t really tell you how to do it.

I love you. It worked. :smiley:

oh thats a really good point lol
Awesome idea!

No problem :slight_smile: