Parenting players not working?

For some reason my script
doesn’t seem to actually parent the player. The player just gets teleported somewhere on the map and can still move.

I know this is supposed to work because I made a vehicle script with this exact chunk of code , that worked. Was something changed since the last time I made something like this? Or am I just stupid and missed something?

Why would you set the position after parenting, that wouldn’t do anything. And 2 lines of code isnt enoguh to see what’s going on.

Answer 1 : simple , i don’t want the player to be parented to the side of the entity but smack-dad in the middle of it , thus SetPos…

Answer 2 : That is basically all that’s going on so far in this script of mine. I don’t make the whole entity only to find out SOMETHING went wrong , i do it piece by piece and fix the issues as they arise.

So , any theories as to why the player isn’t actually being parented? Or are players just unable to get parented to things.

Parent the player after setting the position.

Still nothing , it’s still not actually preventing the player from moving.

Any way to cancel the calcview on the Player:SetScriptedVehicle( Vehicle Vehicle )** **function?

ply:Freeze( true ) will freeze the player.
You cant parent players you can only parent too them.

Don’t use parent it is horrible at handling physics.

You could also use


Use this if you want the player to be locked after they die (and respawn).