Parenting without parent stool?

I was on a spacebuild server and someone had this MASSIVE planet sized SBEP spam that moved and was lagless. The server didnt have parent stool so I asked him how he made it lagless and he said he had a parent bind that didn’t need the stool? the ship was also fully collidible. Has anyone else seen or heard of this stoolless parenting?

when i make something in singleplayer and upload it to a server without parent tool, its still parented even though the server doesnt have parent tool. :v:

but that isn’t what he did. He was made a brand new ship and he was able to parent it. I saw him do it, too.

I think there is a parent command or some command of the sort and he probably just binded whatever commands are needed to parent and then pressed the keys they were binded to to quickly parent large things without the tool.

That’s great! Could you tell me the command?

EDIT: Well, I just realized I could use easy precision to parent it. Then I realized that it removed collision. So much for the CNDF Triumphant being lagless. Or not floppy.