Paricle systems not creating, and RPG, SLAM and frag bugs.

Whenever I spawn an antlion worker, it will attack without problems but there are no particles following the spit through the air, and the console has the error: "Attempting to create unknown particle system type: ‘antlion_spit_trail’ ". When the spit hits anything, no particle effects appear, and I get the error: “Attempted to create unknown particle system type: “antlion_spit”!” in the console. When it dies, there are also no effects, along with the message: “Attempted to create unknown particle system type: “antlion_gib_02”!”.

This is not just affecting antlion workers, but also all of silverlan’s npcs, the antlion grub and the hunter, although the latter does not give an error.

The RPG when out of ammo makes a nasty buzzing sound and gets stuck halfway through its reloading animation.

Frags and SLAMs can be added through the weapons menu fine, but are missing in the entities list, so there is no way to actually get more ammo for either.

Does anyone know how to fix these problems?

can you share your steam community profile?

it’s like the little steam icon under my face

How? And how would that help in any way?

Also, I’m new here and if anyone can tell me how to correct the spelling mistake in the thread title, I’d appreciate it. (I’ve already edited my first post and it shows in the edit box as being correct.)