Parkour dude vaulting

Sup? C&C Please! Feel free to edit!

Ohh pretty! Though his wrist seems abit thin and compressed. Let me guess, you welded his limb to a prop and rotated it that way? Those kind of errors usually come from that.

Nope I actually dident :confused: The limbs are fucked up on the model so meh :stuck_out_tongue:


nice… view…

Oh I see what you did there <.<

can you link me model? Darp!


Love the crotch-shot.

Very nice, the point of vue is original and posing is pretty good.

Been done.

I don’t like the camera angle.

Thanks for the Criticism! Yeah it looks wierd now :confused: I’ll do another pose tho but with a own skin of the model! Maybe re-create this pose.

Needs more lense flare.

Never seen any pose like this. Please post a link to a similar pose

I like the way he’s vaulting off a fucking building

On the map there’s a ledge just below it. On top of the hotel near spawn I think.

Nice view lol.

By the way, a “parkour dude” would be known as a Traceur. No offence, not many people know that, but now you do!


This one is better though.