Parkour game-mode still exists?

Can someone link me it if it does? I can’t find it anywhere no idea if it exists, thanks.

That shit is old… I’m pretty sure it was just a phase people went through because of the Mirror’s Edge hype. Here’s a link to an old gamemode that won’t work anymore unless you fix it:

By the way: next time before you ask for something, google it. That was the first result on Google by searching Garry’s Mod parkour gamemode

I tried googling it nothing came up :S

I remember seeing a couple of parkour servers running on bigcity a while back, like a couple months ago. I don’t know if they’re still up though, and I just came across “Parkour” in the play multiplayer thing. Maybe it died after I left, if it did sorry for the false hope.

I remember Parkour used to be the-place-to-be during the Gmod 13 beta.

see “Art Of Parkour”

Think he is looking for the actual gamemode.

Anyone know where I can find someone to fix it, or maybe someone here knows? thanks