Parkour Swep

I really want to be able to do all the cool parkour tricks in the parkour game mode while in sandbox (or any other mode) so I thought that an Swep would be the way to go.

so a few concepts of what to include would be:

primary fire:
sprint or punch

landing rolls:
to reduce / remove fall damage for certain velocitys (reasonable horizontal velocity foward and a range of vertical velocitys)
possibly secondary fire or crouch when landing/ about to land

standard rolls:
roll when running as to dodge or to get under things
crouch or secondary when running

wall jump:
jump off of a wall. duh.
jump or secondary fire on contactwith wall

ledge grab:
grab onto a oucropping bit of map(no idea how to test for this)
secondary on contact with ledge
which has sub actions for when hanging off of a ledge:

climb up:
climb onto the out cropping
jump when hanging

drop down:
drop down from the ledge
primary fire when hanging?

jump off of ledge:
jump in the direction you are looking
secondary when facing away from ledge?

sidle along ledge:
move along the ledge

anyone want to do some stuff for this?

Check out gmove.

oh cool!

I guess this thread is no longer needed then

Gmoves is ok but kinda sucks.