Parson And Journalist Sent Flying by house being hit by cylinder

Fun Facts:
The journalist is flying towards the oven as in the book
The green light is caused by the green mist that was on the cylinder
The glass flying will eventually play a part in their entrapment.

A green coloring and flying ragdolls? Not impressed, DEATHBUCKET!

I assume that in the book, the room they were in was also an empty box with only an oven in it?

and you say my pictures suck…

The green filter is not good, and the posing looks cartoonish.

This pose, unlike my others is set in victorian times, also they were in a small cottage, not a large house,


I recreated this pose with a friend in my bedroom after putting some matresses down and had a camera recording it so i could see how we fell, and on the third try i got this.

hi deathbucket

Hello Deathbucket.

Why the fuck is everyone saying i’m deathbucket, it’s obvious i am, why state the obvious?

'Cause you changed your name. Victorian? They had keds then?

We know it’s obvious.

What the fuck is a ked


Actually the parson’s not wearing keds they’re normal shoes

This is pretty damn bad. Posing is bad, camera angle needs work and you need to upp your graphics

My graphics are up to the max with mat_picmip at -10(Meaning it’s the highest sawce can go before the game implodes)

so why do the models look so horrible?

Because i eroded it, you could have just asked for the original.

I would help you but after reading a past thread I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re convinced that you’re right and everyone else is wrong. This is not true. When someone says something like “they’re not standing right” you come in with something like “NO IT’S JUST CUZ HE’S STANDING LIKE THAT”

all in all don’t PM me about people supposedly trolling you when all they’re doing is what you’re supposed to do in this section