Part of my model isn't exported into my .smd. Anyone help?

Hey, I recently edited this bike model to put into gmod and it looks like this:

but when I export it to smd it looks like this:

Anyone know what can be the cause of this? It ends up looking the same in gmod. Also, when I look at one side of the bike only one side of the wheel spokes will show in game, if that makes sense. You can see what I mean in the first picture. It’s looks weird.

a) is it an editable poly or mesh
b) did you apply a bitmap material?

looks like you didnt apply a texture to it so it doesnt export

It’s a mesh and I did unwrap the uvws. Maybe because I didn’t drag the material onto the object? I’ll try that.

Unwrapping is actually not the important thing. The important thing is applying a bitmap material to the mesh - which you can do by dragging a picture on the model yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that was the problem. Thanks alot.