Partial Admin Powers


I run a vanilla server. I was wondering if there is a way to make someone a partial admin. IE Give them the ability to kick but not ban or spawn items. I know you can do this with oxide plugins but I am worried if I start installing those, my server will no longer appear as an unmodified server. So is there a way to do this in vanilla or is it just nothing or full admin?



There’s no way to do this on vanilla. They’re either mods with full admin powers (minus RCON access), or regular players.

I know some of the RCON tools support things like this, but I don’t think they have exactly what you want.

It’d technically possible without plugins to give varying levels of power through chat commands by having an external program running permanently and reading for them by specific users then running the appropriate RCON commands, but it’d require someone to either release the source of one of the popular RCON tools or to build one from scratch.

It’s far beyond the ability of most people, but its an interesting idea. Probably it would be easier to edit the source of an open source client than write it totally from scratch.

I was thinking of this exact idea, but through steam. The program has its own steam account and looks for chat commands from authorized friends or “users”. The program interprets the command and based on authority issues RCON commands to carry them out. I could run this on a dedicated server. I simply don’t have the skills to program something like that up. Any one reading this with the skills mind doing it on the cheap?

I can see why you’d want to do that, but it would double the complexity of the program, because now you’re having to write an interface with rcon and also write an interface with steam chat.

I think the only real drawback to just interfacing with rcon is for rcon to see the command in vanilla, the mod would have to speak the command in chat, and everyone would see it. I’m assuming vanilla still shows chat in rcon, I don’t run vanilla myself.

That is a good point. It would probably be easier to just have an RCON interface.

I made a perl script rcon client a while back that could be modified to take instructions remotely, but it would still take some work.

I’m working on redoing it in C#, maybe that’s a feature I’ll consider. I just don’t have need for it myself.

If you chose to pursue this please let me know.

I have an RCON lib in C# if anybody wants to start from that. Found it on google a couple years back, not my own work.

That said, the biggest issue is that I don’t think RCON sees console commands, so in order to perform action the “admin” would need to type the commands on the chat line. It would look really clumsy! Also, the only thing the admin would be able to do are things that RCON allows, which are somewhat limited. You could have kick, ban, restart, give items… that’s pretty much it. The only teleport command available through command line affects the current player, so it has zero effect if called from RCON.

Yeah, they would have to chat the commands. And making sure the person giving the commands is an actual mod, and not an imposter, might make things complicated.

I might try to make something, i can’t promise that i will have the time to finish it soon but i would like to try it out :slight_smile:

Will probably be a bit slow to start out until i get an update out for the rust building planner and finish the framework for another project i have tough.

Should have the tasks above completed fairly soon so should get the time to mess with this for full in a few days, until then i can always use my break to try it out :slight_smile:

Hello Nickram, I play on your server and it is quite a nicely run one if I must say so, but I have a concern and was curious if I could somehow further speak to you on the matter? Would you mind providing me with and email or a way to directly message you that’d be really helpful.