Partial solution to offline raiding...

While it’s not the End-All, it will give people a chance to hop back on when their base is under attack. Not to mention it shouldn’t be TOO hard to do either.

Give rust some sort of optional ‘background mode’ that creates a small popup on the bottom right of your screen telling you which server you play on is being raided. [Much like what MOBA’s do when your ALT-TABBED waiting for a Que]

This would help quite a bit for those who want to play another game but still want to be notified if shit is hitting the fan on RUST.

Just make it a light and simple program that allows players to be notified. Perhaps even add optional sounds to get someones attention, or even how long the notification will remain on your screen.

  • The popup should display what exactly is damaging your base. For example: Axe, C4…

  • Ability to ignore light damage to a certain % so you’re not getting spammed by trolls

  • Allow us to ignore certain servers entirely

  • Another cool touch could be allowing Ingame notification sounds. Basically, if someone throws C4 on your wall, your ALERT will create that same sound so you will know immediately what exactly is attacking you. Same could be done for an axe hacking away at your door.

Isnt that the reason why people offline raid?

Those people want to attack while ur away.

Not going to happen, and if anything similar were to ever happen, it won’t be anytime soon. Server performance is bad enough as it is right now with out all the extra checks it would have to make everytime someone hits a building piece. Plus the servers would have to accept extra connections to this client your talking about.

Stop whinging about offline raiding, it’s a huge part of the game and isn’t going to change, definitely not anytime soon.

Honestly I don’t see why people care so much about offline raiding, if you get raided and your base is salvagable (which it is 90% of the time, if you put in just 3 solid hours you can have your entire base repaired and have plenty of resources, an ak and a bolty. And that’s just as a solo player.

Offline raiding is not a problem, the very few people that complain about it are the problem. Get. Over. It.

I saw my self offline raiding 3 times on purpose this week. Because of the problem of dropping, people we raided dropped in 7 of 9 Raids which is just retarded i mean of course its a strat or some shit. But honestly its like that:

Offline Raid Scenario: Got all the Shit, Base Owners: Retarded offline raiding noob just stop playing you fuckwhats.
Online Raid Scenario: Got just a bit of everything, Base Owner: wow you retards are using aimbot we droppt everything you noobs go fuck youreself. (He got killed by a rocket…)

Those are the qoutes of the same guy (Male +30?).

If you wanna make online raiding attractive besides the lols encrease dropped items decay time by 5-10 minutes.

Have you explored any currently available solutions to this problem?
Switching servers; making some friends/joining a clan; honeycomb your base; drawbridge base

Realistically, it won’t ever happen, and I don’t think it should happen.

You want a raid alert? Don’t ever log off and before you go to bed, crank your speakers to their max. If you hear an explosion in the middle of the night go defend your base.

Why do you think that Offline Raiding is a problem in Rust??

Maybe because he got offline raided. :hurr:

I had the comparison today.
Online Raid: Guys TP’d 2 Allied Clans into the base. We lost everything.
Offline Raid: We did hit the lootroom and got at least what we used to get in.

I wish they would remove the item despawn altogether and let us store items on the ground like it used to be.

That would absolutely destroy the server entity limit.

There isnt a problem with offline raiding and thus it doesnt need fixing.

Agreed. However I do think offline raiding is significantly more prevalent in NuRust due to the farming time needed to make explosives. (Yes, I’m going to make a Legacy comparison) In legacy, materials were quite a bit cheaper which resulted in more online raids. Online raids were great fun. Now I think people are far too worried about losing something they spent many hours making.

Rust still needs balancing. It might not always be like this.

In my view, off-line raiding isn’t the problem. The problem is, the Devs seem to have taken a deliberate course towards making raiding a fairly easy, inexpensive course.

I see Rust as a unique game in that, there are two basic types of players in the game. Those that like the player griefing (and that’s what it is in Rust, its not really PvP), and those that like the designing and building challenge of keeping people out of your base.

Now, the bottom line is, you are never going to stop someone from getting into your base if they are determined. If you could, we wouldn’t have a game and people would quit playing. So in the end, it becomes a risk/cost to reward formula. In other words, is it worth the time, effort and and materials (rockets/C4) to take down your base vs how much they will get in return (be that personal satisfaction, materials or items).

I submit, if Garry and his team continue this direction of making it easier to destroy and raid bases it will simply become a game of greifing in which case I just go back to Team Fortress II, and I suspect a lot of others will follow me to their game of their choosing as well. There are 100s of better “PvP” games out there … what makes Rust special and unique is the designing/farming/building to reasonable security.

I am extremely disheartened this weekend by this seeming lack of concern over the fact that all of us have all lost our high stone walls to a bug they could have fixed easily, if by no other option than rolling back the hammer animation that caused it.

I realize it is Alpha, I don’t need to be told that, but they still have sold this game to us, and they are encouraging us to spend time playing it … that in turn generates a certain amount of obligation on their part to give high priority a bug like this that is so germain to the design of of the game (being able to defend your base). I won’t even get into the amount of time it took people for forage up the materials for those walls.

Hiding behind this “Alpha”/“Beta”/“Pre-release” label all these games are starting to do is troubling on its own.


“Even the Buddha can only be raided 3 times before he becomes angry.”

Jokes aside, getting raided when you’re away is no fun at all. If I’m online, and I get raided because I’m simply playing some other game, I’d want to know.

Here’s the truth, people love offline raiding because it’s easy for them to do. It requires no effort and they get the most out of it. Why doesn’t anyone want to earn their gear? Because griefing is more fun. There’s no denying that.

Everyone here responded with hate claiming this is the worst idea ever. But those same people seem to cause trouble for everyone else as well. This is not a bad idea, it’s called ‘Balancing’. One side can’t have it too good and the other side needs an actual chance.

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I’ve chalked it up to people that simply enjoy griefing. They hide behind things like “It’s more effective” or “When they’re away you don’t lose anything.” But in actuality they just enjoy the easy way.

Almost all these people here are trolls and people that target me because of their own reasons. I have them all blocked so it’s pretty funny to see all the ignored comments coming from the same people.

I could care less if someone disagrees with me. But to insult me is immature.

Excuse me? I do not grief people in rust… I do not raid people at all! I play this game for other reasons then to raid people and steal all their shit. I have raided people in the past, but this was after being griefed by those people multiple times. I enjoy defending my own base, building, gathering and killing those assholes that run around with bolts or aks killing every naked they can find for their own satisfaction. Raiding and griefing people in rust does not interest me at all.

So your statement that everyone that has disagreed with your idea like to “cause trouble for everyone else” is dead wrong.

I do not raid at all. but I respect that half of this game is based on raiding, whether that be online or offline raiding.

No this is not a good idea, and is not in anyway at all “balancing”. If you’re offline, you’re offline and your character is sleeping. If you get raided because you’re offline then that’s your own problem, it is not in anyway a problem with the game, Its simply THE MECHANICS OF THE GAME!

Are you saying I insulted you (you said this after quoting me). It wasn’t my intent to insult anyone, and if I did, can you point out where?

come on brain less, tell me you never raided someone when they are offline. Is like that because it can be done and is fine because you can do it too. In real life bandits breakthrough my house when all family are sleeping, all rooms are gathered video game, computers, clockwatch money, and gifts in christmas days… with a nail stick in hands. For lucky no one wake when they are working in our rooms, and my mom wakeup when they are planing to leave with all things at main window. they fly with 2 backpacks of things a lot of money that will be used to pay bills and a fucking beer box LOL REAL LIFE OFFLINE RAID NOT IS FUN BUT HAPPENS SO IN RUST IT ARE AWESOME WAY. if you don’t like offline raid, don’t do it. but stop pussy others please

Save your breath guys, any disagreement with him will be chalked up to a personal vendetta of revenge for some make believe slight he must have caused. He’s delusionally one sided with his ideas and blocks anyone that tries to talk sense into him. To him, anything that hurts him is clearly griefing, and anyone that tells him it’s not is clearly a troll.