Partially Nude Gman

I 'd be very grateful if someone could quickly hack Gman’s head onto one of Fakefactory’s nude corpse models, except with the genitals removed, so that lace underwear may be skinned on.

It doesn’t have to be rigged to any animations, but face/fingerposing would be ideal.

Payment for this holy task is a fully colored and inked sketch of whatever you want, posted on deviantART

and, you can upload the skinned model when I do that.

Here’s an example of what I’ve done to his head already:

What the fuck am I looking at?

Wha - Lace? :wtc: :iiam:

Half life 2 - Transvestite edition

why do you want this
nvm i’m too scared to know :ohdear:

Because Gman is one creepy dude. I tend to put this model in a spawnlist with the white van from CSS and a few cooking implements.

why would you ask this of us?

Ah, trying to self-model I see?

This is almost as bad as some of the furry model requests I have seen.