Participants needed for video evaluation (webcam controlled facial animation in GMod)

Hi everyone!

For my graduation project at my university I am researching the idea of using face tracking to animate the faces of game characters in a multiplayer context. I have implemented this idea inside Garry’s Mod in the form of an addon, which I will be announcing and releasing soon. Before that, I would like your help in determining performance requirements (precision, frame rate, delay) for such a feature.

I have recorded videos of face tracked data applied to GMod player models with simulated errors (i.e. most of the errors are exaggerated and will not appear when using the addon) and I would like you to rate these videos. The survey takes about 10 minutes in total, of which 5 minutes are spent watching videos. You can find it here. Thanks for your time!

The results will mainly be used in my thesis to estimate whether the time is right for this feature to be used in games, i.e. is consumer hardware ready for it? Do we need special webcams such as a Kinect or is your average $19.99 webcam enough? Some of the results will also be used to optimize the addon, for example I will be able to deduce from the results the minimum frame-rate at which face tracking should be done.

Edit: Sorry for double posting this thread, on Facepunch general and Gmod general. I couldn’t find my post because I was looking at the wrong board, then I posted it again there. >< Discussion in the other thread please.

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I would be glad to help test, this sounds awesome. Add me on Steam