Particle Based Oxygen System

Would it be possible to create an oxygen system with particles instead of having a bunch of SENTS creating a radius of oxygen around it?

To get into more detail, a vent on a space station would constantly be spawning o2 particles. The particles will bounce around the room and be able to interact with the environment, such as make a room truly air tight and sealed (particles wouldn’t be able to pass through closed doors). Each particle has a life span, and new particles are constantly being made by the vent.

Players would need oxygen to survive, so they would need to be near at least one of these o2 particles at all times.

Is it feasible to have a system like this on a pretty big space station? Each room would have at least one vent supplying o2 to the room.

It would be possible but not practical.

It would likely lower your fps to like 10 after a few moments of ‘air’ particles.

It wouldn’t need to be a ton of particles in each room, it could be, maybe 25-50 particles per room, each with a pretty big radius around them or even allow them to leave an oxygen trail.

To make an analogy imagine filling each spaceship with bouncy balls. It’d take a bit more of them but would probably be as murderous for server performances.