[Particle Editor] Help needed

I’ve created a new particle effect which is mushroom cloud looking thing.
When i spawn an entity explodes on it’s side, it spawns the particle sideways.
So instead of mushroom cloud being spawned upright, it’s sideways.
Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?

Your particle emitter probably inherits your entity’s angles, that’s pretty much all I can think of without any code

if trace.HitWorld then

It should spawn upright.

Play with this: Angle(0,0,0). Put in angles from -180to 180 ( or 0-360 ) instead of each zero.

The problem is even if you set your angles to your entity, your entity’s angles are not the worlds angles.
You will need to set your effect data relative to the worlds positive Z axis instead.

Sorry i have came across this issue but have been working on other things so I cannot give you a code example of a simple way to return a normalized vector or angle of the world Z axis.

Yea but if i do that, it will move the whole mushroom.
Only some certain particle parts of the particle system are at an angle.
In the editor, they seem fine but when i spawn my bomb, the ring and the stem particle is fine but the top partish isn’t…

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That problem doesn’t affect the whole particle system.
It only affects certain parts such as mushroom’s cap and round ring.

you could try testing with a default effect, setting it’s position and angles. To prove that you are correctly setting position and direction.

I would be in a debugging testing loop verifying all my variables, and then questioning if the effect was setup correctly if everything else was checking out.

It’s pretty weird. Other particles works fine but this one doesn’t.