Particle Effect crashing GMod

This is a recent issue that keeps crashing hl2.exe.

Whenever I spawn one of my effects (specific ones not all), it mostly crashes the game when the player directly looks at it.


How to replicate:
Download the pcf -

Use this code to spawn it:

function test( ply, command, arguments )
local pos = ply:GetPos()
for i=1, 50 do
timer.Simple(i/4, function()
ParticleEffect( "gf2_battery_03_explosion_01", pos, ply:GetAngles(), ply)
concommand.Add( "run_effect", test )

and wait until the game crashes.

This type of a crash doesn’t produce any crash dumps or errors just so you know.

For those wanting to test this, it has to be game.AddParticles-ed first.

particle_test_file "gf2_battery_03_explosion_01"

Worked without a crash, but I got console spam that says,
Cannot update control point 0 for effect ‘gf2_battery_03_explosion_01’.

Just tested your script. Works fine sometimes, but does randomly crash. Might be overflowing.