Particle help, not loading.

	local emitter = ParticleEmitter( Vector( ply:GetPos() ) ) 
	local particle = emitter:Add( "generic_smoke", ply:GetPos() )
	if (particle) then
		particle:SetLifeTime( 0 )
		particle:SetDieTime( 3 )
		particle:SetColor( Color( 50, 50, 50, 255 ) )			
		particle:SetStartAlpha( 150 )
		particle:SetEndAlpha( 0 )
		particle:SetStartSize( 30 )
		particle:SetEndSize( 30 )
		particle:SetRoll( 100 )
		particle:SetRollDelta( 0.10 )

		particle:SetCollide( false )


Now, this works, but on the working it errors: attempt to call global ‘ParticleEmitter’ (a nil value)
Now, is this because of the ParticleEmitters vector pos?

help pls.

Are you perhaps running this serverside or shared?

says your second argument for ParticleEmitter() should be a bool.

EDIT: Make sure you run this clientside, no serverside version of this function

Oh sweet thanks, do I use NetMessages to use it on the localplayer()?
Because, it is only run off him. The one who uses my custom command and this was in ServerSide init.lua

The only times I’ve used particleemitter is on SENTs and SWEPs. Alternatively you can make a lua effect and use util.effect on the server to spawn it.


Look at some of the effects included in the game, sandbox gamemode has some inside uhhh sandbox/entities/effects

I haven’t done lua in nearly a year so I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head.

Is there a Particles/Smoke or models/smoke because ParticleEmitter, as I have found works like this:

emitter:Add( "models/wireframe", LocalPlayer():GetPos() )

What would be the material or model for Smoke Particle?

I really suggest reading the wiki and trying things out and see what happens. There is a effects section on the wiki you can read up that gives you things to try out. A lot of your threads trail on because you don’t understand things that would make sense if you tried some code out(and came up with solutions on your own) and/or read the wiki.