Particle Manifest Causing Missing Particles? please help.

I recently started playing on this storm chaser server (with tornadoes and custom particles that you need to download)

and with those particles came a particle manifest file
when i started the game after putting it there, i noticed fire and blood impact effects were missing, and my console had a ton of precache errors for the missing particles

then i took off the particle manifest they worked again, but on the server the tornadoes were invisible

It also used to do this when i have a custom explosion particle particle, were it would break fire and blood impact

I’ve tried a number of things and i need to fix this because i record movies in Gmod that need these components.

appreciate any help

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I actually got it to work randomly but then my game crashed and now it’s not.

I’m having the same issue with my server. Lots of particles missing :confused:

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But when you set up a server, there are no particles to begin with.