Particle on models help

Can anyone give me an example, how to do this, because I couldn’t get it to work, when i Spawn the model it gives me an error in console saying :

Attempting to create unknown particle system 'particles/spore_floaties.pcf' 

Here’s the code in the model’s QC that i’m trying :

$attachment 0 "ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand" 4 -4 0
$attachment "spore" "ValveBiped.cube3" 0 0 0

		name			"spore_floaties.pcf"
		attachment_type		"follow_attachment"
		attachment_point	"spore"

This gives me that error

I have also tried this for animations :

$sequence idle01 "Idle01" loop fps 30 activity ACT_VM_IDLE 1 { event AE_CL_CREATE_PARTICLE_EFFECT 1 "spore_f start_at_attachment spore" }

Gives me an error too…

How to make this work ?
Thanks :smiley:

Source :

It wants the name of the particle effect, but you have only given the name of the pcf.
Open the game with -tools and then open that particle file and find the name of the particle effect you want.

Ah, well, I’ve found the name, it’s “spore_floaties”. Then I used this in the code, but, now, the console is spamming me with a lot of :

Error Vertex File for 'weapons/v_sporegrenade.mdl' checksum -1819107548 should be -1837236621


Anyway, thanks for trying to help me :smiley:

That error means that the model has changed while the game is still running. Just restart it.

Oh, shit, I didn’t know that ! I’ll try compiling the model without the game running.

And yes, it was running while compiling.

I’ll post here if i get any problem. :smiley:
Thank you very much !

Yay, it worked. But all weapons are now with the particle…

I’m getting particles everywhere:

When it was supposed to be only on this model :

How do I fix this ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Check some of the settings in your particle effect.

Ah, ok then it’s a problem in the particle file. I thought it was some bug on this QC Setting.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

It might still be a problem with the model, I just don’t know how else to try and fix this.
You could try coding a simple thing to end that particle system when the model is not being used, but I guess that would affect it if you have a multiplayer game.