Particle system lighting

I’ve been fooling around in the particle editor, and made some neat water-related effects. Only thing is, I want to use them in a dark environment, but the particle effects are always in “fullbright mode”, so to speak.

Looks pretty bad, and an env_particlelight doesn’t seem to effect it.
So, would anyone happen to have any insight on how to get these effects to not glow in the dark?

I actually don’t think you can, it’s one of those things Source can’t do yet.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dark map with particle effects.

Isn’t there an option for the sprites to react to shadows?

what about this: make the particles the color you want them to be in the final environment?

Yeah, the particle systems don’t create or receive lighting, so you have to “fake” it by changing the particle color: or sample the hit location’s lightmap (like is done with particle based bullet effects)

if you get the colour wrong-looking or if there is suddenly light then it’ll look pretty bad, though. is it not possible to have a couple of lights, even if they’re only near the particles? unless the pitch black is a gameplay element or something, of course

The map is supposed to be old urban ruins, so electrical lights are out of the question and piping in sunlight would be difficult since the sewer parts are so deep underground.

I’ve experimented with setting the alpha low, or using refract-only sprites, or just setting the color to black. I think the latter looks best, and with light on it it looks like really muddy/filthy water, which is okay I guess since it’s a sewer pipe.
The effects at the bottom of the waterfall are a bit more tricky to get to blend in with the dark so I may just omit those completely. It’s dark anyway, so I doubt anyone will pay it too much scrutiny.

Thanks for the replies, everyone.