ParticleEffect - Confetti

Did garry remove the bday_confetti particle? I have it precached but I still get ’ Attempted to create unknown particle system type “bday_confetti”! ’

GMod never had this particle, TF2 has it. You’ll have to have TF2 mounted, then you must add a specific .pcf file using game.AddParticles function and only then you precache the particle effect.

ah ok, didn’t realize you had to have tf2 mounted, should have guessed with the valve wiki but thanks.
EDIT: Wait, when you get an achievement don’t you see that particle effect?
EDIT2: Can you tell me the PCF file, I can’t seem to find it via google to GCFScape. I can only find the VTF

No, I can’t. But you can just include one by one to find out which it is using a script or just simply include all .pcfs

>.> thanks…

Open up TF2 in dev mode (google it), and fiddle your way around that software until you know how to open and view the particle effect (pcf) files. It will show you a list of contained effects, such as bday_confetti. Along the way to finding the right file you may come across other effects you like.

You can also look at the lists in valve’s documentation wiki.

You need Explosion.pcf. Here are some links you may be interested in.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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I saw the top two but didn’t see the bottom one, thanks for the help man