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The wretched invisible bug happens to my server about 1-2 times daily (always when lots of people are on, sadly).
I’ve found many references to it, but nothing that has helped me… unless I missed something:

Is anyone able to tell me the exact cause of this so I can try and reduce the amount of times it happens on my server?

Also if you create an emitter for an entity like so:
function SWEP:Initialize()
self.emitter = ParticleEmitter(self:GetPos())

Will this emitter automatically be removed when the entity is removed, or will it sit around somewhere in memory? If so, should I remove emitters attached to an entity when that entity is removed?

You should remove the emitter when the entity is. Use

Thanks, I will definitely do this for all entities that create emitters like this. Hopefully that helps reduce the problem.

Edit: Can’t remove emitters like that :confused:

Has anyone else been able to fix this?
It’s a pretty bad issue on my server.

Have you tried reinstalling Garry’s Mod?

Stop suggesting that. This is a common engine error that reinstalling won’t help.

Just report him for spam, he is replying to every thread in this section with that reply.