Okay, so I’m working on recreating the Vortigaunt effect that fires the green bolts from their hands. I’ve found the set of particles I need to use, but I have absolutely no idea how to do what I want. Using the particles, emitting them in the game, or even how to get them into the game from the pcf file… The documentation on particles in the wiki can be described as horribly vague at best. Any help you guys can offer will be appreciated.

Try that. You would just have the “centr” be from the player’s hands, and the velocity be ply:GetForward() or something.

Garry added two new functions to create particle effect tracers in gmod update 66:

[LUA]util.ParticleTracer(“vortigaunt_beam”, Vector(0,0,0), player.GetAll()[1]:GetPos(), true)[/LUA]
This would create a vortigaunt beam tracer from the map origin to the position of the first player.
I don’t know what “boolWhizz” is for, it doesn’t seem to make a difference if it is set to true or false.

For any particle effect that isn’t a tracer you should use ParticleEffect(…) and ParticleEffectAttach(…).

Ahh thanks silverlan, you have no idea how much help this is.


Whats util.ParticleTracerEx?

Whats util.ParticleTracerEx?

It adds two extra arguments - entity and attachment.

Ohhh, so I should use that one to attach the glowing orb particles to the vortigaunts hands?


Oh and another question. How do I deem if a particle is a tracer or not?