Particular server won't show up

So, this one server that happens to be on my favorites list just suddenly won’t work for me. The owner says its up and running and he’s all having a swell time building a car and what-not and for me the server won’t show up in my favorites list. I try opening the console and using “connect <ip>” but it still says server is not responding. This is only with this one server. If anyone has any help PLEASE share.

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Can other people join his server? If not then it’s his falt for not opening his ports.

Maybe your ip banned.

For other people it works just fine and I’m not IP-banned because I can get on once in a great while.

You cant be IP banned on steam multiplayer games, steam uses STEAM ID if you are banned, you would see it, but cannot join.

** Edit **

Maybe it’s your internet provider, they block the use of ports at time to prevent actions such as hacking and viruses from spreading.

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Tell the host to make sure his ports are set correctly.


Hmm. I guess I’ve never tried on garrymod, but I know that on Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2, you can be IP banned. So I wouldn’t be surprised If you could on Garry’s Mod aswell.

It’s not PAINSTAKINGLY slow, I get 500kb/s with downloads.

Better then mine. Sorry, cant help ya.