Parting animations in unreal engine psa to SMDs.

Ive little problem with exporting animation from .psa file (UE skeletal animation file) to .smd sequences.
The problem is, the animations cannot be parted to more SMDs
Ive using Milkshape 3D.
If we know the psa is all united animations on specifically model, so when i import psa to milkshape i can export 1st sequence or all sequences at once, others seq. havent.
Everytime it create an .qc file like this:
// $animation <Group> <Name> <StartFrame> <NumFrames> <AnimRate>
$animation None Fly_01 0 66 30
$animation None fly_02 66 66 30
$animation None fly_04 132 34 30
$animation None Glide_01 166 146 30
$animation None Launch 312 52 30
But i cant use it.
So help me if exist any program to part these sequences, I KNOW IT EXIST.

Edit 3.9.2014:
parsing animation to fit source engine qc
// $animation <Group> <Name> <StartFrame> <NumFrames> <AnimRate>
$animation <Name> <filename> frames <StartFrame> <StartFrame>(next animation) fps <AnimRate>
$animation None Fly_01 0 66 30
$animation None fly_02 66 66 30
$animation None fly_04 132 34 30


$animation Fly_01 sequence.smd frames 0 65 fps 30
$animation fly_02 sequence.smd frames 66 131 fps 30
$animation fly_04 sequence.smd frames 132 165 fps 30

or just simply using actorX importer, but in 2012 I was not able to control 3ds max.
but results are:
using actorX 1 hour
using this qc 10 minutes

You can just export the sequences in the respective frames by hand.

Yea, ive must export psa as smd (base file) and from copy data to new sequence smd, and rewrite time number string.
Ive tried xsi mod tool but it broke that seq.
Ive really must made this sequnces by my hand, its much better but harder.