Partner for New Community

Okay so I posted a similar thread a few months back but since then our current needs have changed, since then also the partner I acquired has left leaving just me and a friend of mine finishing up all the work remaining. We are just looking for a fun, kindhearted guy/girl to help us finish. You will not be doing most of the work so don’t worry. We do ask however that you are available often and not currently working on another project.

Great if you have (But NOT Required) -

HTML+CSS Knowledge
Previous Community Experience

Belief in our Vision of the Perfect Community
16 or older (Some exceptions if maturity/proper grammar is shown)

Who we are? We are a team of 2 atm :slight_smile: currently creating a CS:GO betting website, CS:GO tournaments website, Central Forum handling TF2, Garry’s Mod, CS:GO, Minecraft, Rust - with a lot more projects planned soon, if you do have an interest in joining us be warned we are very serious with our ventures, most of what is described up top are almost done but we need a 3rd Partner/Co-Founder/whatever you want to call it to take some load off of us.
Some Info on Planned Projects- I am going to repeat some stuff for the readers who are new to the thread.

What we believe in!/Current Projects

We do not accept donations ever.
Special Rank system which prevents all ranks (yes, even me!) from abusing their position
All “admins” have simple commands only preventing further occurrences of abuse
Current Garry’s Mod Community is stagnating and we have a fix, we will also fully support all new communities that adopt our mindset.
Real website, not enjin or Weebly
MyBB --> IP.Board (Very Soon)
Very little to no “Coderhire” or “Scriptfodder” scripts on servers
Takes the voice of players very seriously, we believe a player run community is best.
Rules - no more than 400 words!

Garry’s Mod-
HL2RP 100 Slots
TTT ? Slots
Prophunt 20 slots
Sandbox (Build Only) 20 slots
Sandbox (Build and Kill) 20 slots
So much more…

Rust (August 1)
Minecraft (2017)
TF2 (August 1)
CS:GO (Already launched)

Sorry if the layout or content of this post is a bit confusing, writing this with a tired mind. I left a bit of information off to not bore you all so please, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me. For obvious reasons I will not post the Community Name or URL, if you want more info please pm me directly.
Thanks for reading!

Scram and trash your server.

PS: 20 slots for a buildserver is utter bullshit.

IJWTB seems to do well with 20 slots.

Thanks for taking the time to post your opinion, however, I have to respectfully disagree with you. On Sandbox servers there are more props per player as opposed to none for other servers like TTT or Murder resulting in a larger performance hit on sandbox servers.

This is why no one will ever partner with you.
I highly doubt anyone will disagree to accepting donations, and you’re just being retarded with a word limit on rules. It seems like you’re requiring people to submit to you just to form a partnership that will have no gains for them, and possibly a fall in their community.

You clearly are reading this the wrong way, let me explain. This is in no way an ad for current server owners to “partner” with us. This is a post looking for an independent person willing to help us. The list you picked out is our opinion of what makes a great community and under no circumstances are we saying ALL servers should be this way, that is at the discretion of individual server owners. This is just what WE think is best and we want someone who also shares this belief. I appreciate you taking the time to post, however.

to be honest i ran communities for ages and NEVER asked for a dime.
you should never mix gaming servers with business.

…Why do you think I said that 20 slots on a buildserver is utter bullshit…?

Good luck with that one.

Worth a Try :slight_smile:

Off Topic Question, Why is Facepunch so against this? Everything most members advocate for I am finally introducing to the Garry’s Mod community, yet, I am receiving the same if not worse reception as compared to regular basic communities. Can I please at least get an explanation?

I’m very sorry. The tittle really did mislead me, and also the use of partner kinda did too. I thought you meant partnering communities, which no matter how you look at it chaos. I would be willing to help you on your project, as it seems like its going to turn out nice, but I’m currently busy with my project ATM.

Facepunch wants to see something new, not the same old cliché RP/TTT/Sandbox servers.

I will definitely be taking this into consideration, thank you for explaining.

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Don’t worry about it, everybody makes mistakes. Thanks for the honesty.

Most people here are done hearing about how this innovative guy will make a unique RP server with tons of amazing custom addons that you’ve never seen before to create a new fresh experience like never before that’ll totally blow the other RP servers out of the water. The thing is despite all these promises made by people it never happens because its just the same old shit at the end of the day, nobody brings anything really new to the table. Even if you try a different theme than DarkRP its still DarkRP. And all these dumb addons do is force people to download gigabytes worth of crap.

If you wanna be unique you try something else than DarkRP. But then nobody plays it because it isn’t DarkRP.

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You’re also saying this jazz about advocating what people here want without really declaring what that is anywhere.
I must say though crazy ideas like SlaveRP are funny.

I won’t have any DarkRP servers, at least I do not plan on that. I hate the gamemode more than anyone else. They are ALL the same, some just look different.

And how much of a difference is HL2RP from that…?

What makes you think that that doesn’t apply to other gamemodes? I mean, you can kinda apply that statement to every non-private gamemode out there. There are thousands of TTT servers, too. Probably a couple dozen HL2RP servers, too. Yours are going to be “the same” as all the others with those too.

Everything can be different enough to be something unique while still being the same gamemode, if you just put the effort into it. DarkRP probably has more opportunities for unique styles than any of the other gamemodes you’re hosting, to be honest.