Partners? :)

Looking for someone to survive with simple as that! All I ask is that you have TS or Skype and be at least 17 or 18. I only wanna play with mature players.

I need a partner as well. I had 2 others with me but they lost interest after we got screwed over a ton, finally got our house, then the server wiped lol.

Skype is DemonizedKyo

you should say wich server you play on.

Whats your name in game dude?

Still looking for a few people :slight_smile:

there is already a thread for meeting people, please take it there

Eh that isnt really a place to meet people. Its more like general information on what the game is. But thanks anyways. :slight_smile: Ill just continue on here. It’s more tuned to what im looking for.

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Even though the title says it is, I read the comment and it used to be some post about beta keys. And the main text says nothing about how it’s a place for meeting people.

the title “Rust General Chat II - USE THIS THREAD TO FIND TEAMMATES/CLANS” , just because they’ve went off topic doesn’t mean you need to waste space with a new thread

Cypher ur not the guys we saw on the french server ? if it you you remember me ?

But it’s a forum…and since it’s a post stating specifically what “I” am looking for, this post is better tailored to my needs. While the other one is just basic meet and greet.

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Yeah, hey Rush :slight_smile:

You can add me on skype if you want : sdk_sn1p3rz

Are thoses servers working now or what ? !

They seem to be

Join my clan

Because 17 and 18 year old’s are very mature.

How big is your clan?

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The ones I know are.