There, I summed up Resident Evil 5.

Lol I liked it.

Sounds about right.

No, to sum up resident evil 5, replace jill with sheva.

And do it on de_dust

still funny.

Fedge hasn’t done the default Sheva outfit.

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Oh, and since readers love the last frame so much, here’s the full size of it.

You can add a caption to it or something.

Nah, to sum up RE5 all you have to do is write “SHIT” on a blank white page.

When I see that last frame, I imagine them walking to this.

Hellz yeah!

the one thing i hate about RE5 is, you cant shoot without aiming, and while aiming you cant move. i learned this first hand while facing a guy charging with a chainsaw

That’s what’s wrong with all the Resident Evils (except Outbreak #2)

Where have been the past decade? :colbert:

playing other games, good games